Call it Gym class for your horse - or Yoga - or body building. 

Dressage is a progressive system of muscle training that builds strength, agility and most of all shows the horse how to carry a rider without injuring itself.

Western Dressage emphasizes the welfare of the horse. Classical training principles placed emphasis on producing horses that could work. A war horse of 25 could still carry a rider to victory in battle.  The goal of Western Dressage is to use that same training progression to help insure the soundness and longevity of the western horse no matter what it's job. Use it to get quicker, more balanced ranch horses or trail horses with more confidence and endurance. Or simply enjoy the ride - a strong, balanced,confident horse tuned to you.

Where does dressage fit in for the modern horse?  A ranch sorting horse at the gate uses all the moves the war horse did in close combat.  A Trail Challenge horse requires the balance, harmony and adjustibility. Every horse who works cattle benefits from being able to keep balanced over all four legs and anyone who's ridden an unbalanced horse on rough trails know strength and suppleness would make that horse a much better ride.